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Genesis Decoded FZC, established for a significant approach towards building a quality platform with diverse applications.

On our solitary mission to form a family of applications operating on a high end security provider Blockchain, decentralized servers, end to end encryption & AI technology. Our journey states the platforms we provide into different fields. Establishing a strong foundation through our Megatron Project, a notable global IEO platform for cryptocurrency worldwide. It is a highly secured payment platform for individuals, entrepreneurs, start-ups, small businesses. Our ORACLE web browser is introduced for seamlessly connecting a user’s account to another global network platform to perform fund transfers and managing portfolios. We incline towards helping potential entrepreneurs via Wolfpack. A TV show, Web series that is broadcasted across Asia covering entrepreneurs helping in their journey from a potential idea, to planning, then execution and a final pitch to prominent investors for funding.

We introduced TELEPATHY, an Organizational Messaging Application with a strong end to end block chain security. Highly anticipated features like, authentic key decryption, Messaging-Voice-Video calling, Unlimited Cloud storage for media files and documents. Our highly anticipated for 2021 project is FITNESS FIRST, backing up the idea of Health is Wealth. A global chain of Restaurants, Drive Thru, and Online Ordering serving professional nutritionist approved diet food options. Changing our perception towards diet foods, this project is supported by local farmers. This application for high nutrition food with healthy options is surely a food to be ordered by thing. PLUTUS, a global Farmers Market with solutions to every farming process. AI technology covering farming supplies to monitoring the farming, weather tracking, smart green houses on a single platform. A chat room connecting experts to farmers, video tutorials, and secured payment portal connecting everyone involved in the Agriculture industry.

Our constant growth is a result of our actively progressive team. Genesis Decoded fosters where people work on top of their productivity to identify new approaches being committed to proficiently achieve our goals. .


Genesis Decoded strives to create diverse global platforms connecting its users. Inspiring people to believe in futuristic technologies with portals for crypto currency payments, encrypted messaging, managing startups, farming solutions, nutritional and health care. Encrypted, Secure and Global applications for multiple platforms.


We strive to make applications that look good to you today and you will find it better tomorrow. Creating and Connecting all across our diverse platforms that bring opportunities, build trust and inspire towards better services. We anticipate a world connected by a web of secure and cutting edge applications.

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Customer Centric Solutions


Focusing on start to end solutions keeping customers ease at mind. Striving to provide a solution that consists of safety, security and smartness.

Secure Encryption Solutions


Highly secured end to end encrypted solutions for best in business security. Leading providers of private and reliable solutions at hand.

BlockChain Technology Solutions


A digital ledger for transactions, Keeping transparency and non tampered transactions in the mind. Introducing the latest technology secured payment portals for every sector.

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    Q1. 2021

    * Initiate the project with the Private Sale of Megatron. * Begin with the Journey of the IEO Platform.
    * Quality Check Review by the Exchanger for Registration.
    * Initiate Listing Process in Multiple Exchanges.

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    Q2. 2021

    * Launch Project Oracle - Your Multiple Blockchain Wallet.
    * Initiate Final Launch of Oracle Web Browser,
    * Launching a TV Show of WolfPack - "Entrepreneurial Program for Start-Ups"
    * WolfPack will help Venture Capitalists and investors with their acquisition and deal structuring and advise startup entrepreneurs on their business models financial forecasting.

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    Q3-Q4. 2021

    * Launch of Telepathy - Blockchain Messaging Application.
    * Telepathy is a cutting-edge technology that aims to revolutionize user experience like never before.
    * Already the basic version is out and available for download Android, iOS Stores respectively.
    * We will begin the launch of Fitness First Restaurants from the UAE.
    * Fitness First will form relationships with local providers to craft a menu with all-organic ingredients sourced from farmers.

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    Q1 2022

    * Launching Smart Farmer's Market Mobile Application.
    * Farmer's Market, a global agricultural supplies, agricultural product processing.
    * Smart Farming Functionality in the platform and Mobile App implemented.
    * Future Development: Farmer's Eco Theme Park, Educational Material & Seminars.


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